Do you know why you have a wedding cake?

Unfortunately, the most common answer is “it’s traditional”, but do you know those traditions?

Back in ancient Rome, a wheat cake was broken over the new brides head to ensure fertility. Guests then scrambled for the crumbs.

In medieval England the new bride and groom were to kiss over a tower of piled up cakes and buns without knocking them over. If successful, prosperity and health would await the lucky couple.

Thanks to a visiting French Chef in the mid 1600’s, who didn’t like to see the cakes knocked to the floor, cake design was changed to the tiered cake common still today.

And so we come to the actual cake cutting ceremony, the four stages and their symbolism…

In the first part of the ceremony, the Bride holds the knife with her right hand and her new husband puts his arm around her, with his right hand on hers. This symbolises they vow to uphold their marriage, but more so, they are pledging to protect the new unity that they have just created.

The next part of the ceremony happens when the Bride and Groom make the first slice through the cake. This symbolises joint decision making and a promise to follow them through. It’s at this point that I like to tell the Bride that she will have photo proof that her new husband has committed to this!

The third part of the ceremony revolves around the feeding of the cake. The cake fed delicately to each other symbolises a promise to nourish each other spiritually, emotionally and physically for the rest of their lives.

The last part of the ceremony involves all the guests at the reception. By taking and eating the Wedding Cake they are pledging themselves to the new couple. They now will have a responsibility to help the new couple through good times and the tough times, thus creating a very enlarged “family”.

So, how about I talk you through this on the day and explain to your guests the symbolism surrounding the cake? Can you imagine how much of a special moment this is going to create?

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