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Not a trick question… who chooses the DJ? Was it the venue? It’s becoming more and more common for couples to be faced with “the in house DJ” or to have to pay some kind of a fee if they don’t use him.

Will you let the venue choose your dress? your flowers? your honeymoon destination? photographer? cake maker?… so why do they want to choose the DJ?

To have control… if they supply the DJ, then he’s working for them, not you. He will do what they want, which may not be what you want.

Or, maybe, because they then get a cut… that’s right, that £500 DJ that you are paying them for will almost certainly not be getting any where near the £500…

I can understand that some venues may want to protect themselves from the “fly by nights” of the DJ world. They don’t want someone coming in and playing way too loud and annoying their neighbours (who may report them to the local authority and they lose their licence) but a professional DJ isn’t going to do this. He has a reputation to protect as well.

An independent, professional DJ will meet with you, he’ll be there to offer unbiased advice and advise you on things that can be done to enhance your wedding. Venue appointed DJs rarely have any contact with you before the wedding.

Recommended suppliers are a different thing altogether. A venue’s not going to recommend someone who’s unprofessional or not very good, it’s their reputation as well! OK, they may be getting a finders fee or token amount, but it won’t be a hefty chunk of the fee. I work with some of the best venues in Oxfordshire as a trusted and recommended supplier.

I think venues have a duty to point out any restrictions to couples when they are viewing. Not hide things away in the small print, that, let’s face it, most don’t read.

It should be up to you to choose who you want to work with you on YOUR wedding. You should meet suppliers and make up your own mind who YOU want to use.

Ask questions when looking around venues such as “are there any restrictions on what we can do or who we can use?” “Do you have set timings for the evening?”

Some venues have excellent DJs, but that DJ may not be the one for you, remember, not all DJs are the same… you need one that suits you.

If you’d like to discuss this further, or the level of service I can offer you, then please get in contact.

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