With your wedding fast approaching it’s time to find a DJ. But, where do you start? Probably with our old friend Google… so you type in wedding DJ oxfordshire… well, that’s narrowed it down to nearly 63,000 results!

Where to start… well, what do you want? Sit down and have a think about what you actually want… Then put together the information the DJs going to need. The DJs going to need to know the date, venue and times required to play as a minimum.

Look at a few websites… Do they appeal to you? Do they look professional? How up to date is it? Is it actually their equipment and weddings they’ve played at? Look for consistency. Look for presentation and spelling, they’re selling themselves on attention to detail…

Have they just got a Facebook page? Really?

Look at the photos… are they mainly photos of the DJs equipment? Does it look nice? Are there lot’s of people smiling and dancing? Can you imagine how it will look in your venue? Are there pictures of the DJ, so you can see who you’re dealing with? Are the photos of a wide range of aged guests ? (you’re not going to just have your friends at your wedding, think also of your family…) Do they have signs up advertising their business… at your wedding?

Look at reviews… Are they independent, unedited reviews? Do they talk about things that mean a lot to you? (i.e. how professional they were, everyone danced, we had a great night etc.) What about venue reviews and recommendations?

Have they got several methods of contact? Just a mobile number… really?

Do they look like someone you’d like to have DJ your wedding? Is the page a front to a company that just passes on the booking? Are they an agency? If so, how much say do you have? Can you meet the DJ? (not the booking person!)

Time to make an appointment and arrange to have a chat with them…


Oxfordshire Wedding Entertainment

01235 426333 or 07870 134826

[email protected]

I run Oxfordshire Wedding Entertainment, based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. I’m a DJ who has the belief that weddings can be so much more… I can provide the musical accompaniment to your whole day, from ceremony to drinks reception to wedding breakfast and finally, the evening reception. I can be your Master of Ceremonies, helping to guide and inform your guests.

I’m so much more than just a DJ…

I’d like to talk to you about your wedding day, to offer up ideas, to help and advise you.

If you’d like to arrange an appointment, then please contact me.