Bride & Groom having fun at an Oxfordshire Wedding Entertainment WeddingWhat is it that brides want from their DJ on their wedding day?

Let’s go back a bit… why do you have a wedding reception?

Well, it’s a party held after the completion of a marriage ceremony, usually as hospitality for those who have attended the wedding, hence the name reception: the Bride & Bridegroom receive society, in the form of family and friends, for the first time as a married couple. They are the Hosts and provide their choice of food and drink as well as entertainment for their guests.

The DJ can be part of, or, the entertainment.

The DJ is going to be responsible for probably about 1/3rd if not more of your wedding day, so is an important choice. I’ve covered more on choosing a DJ in an earlier blog post Advice on choosing a DJ…

Meet your DJ, it really is important. You can establish his knowledge of both music and weddings, his passion and professionalism toward your event and make sure he’s the DJ for you. You need to have a good match. For example, a young DJ may have great musical knowledge of current music, but may really struggle to keep your parents or other, slightly older guests entertained. Equally, a DJ may have great knowledge of Heavy Metal and love to play it, but is that what you’re looking for?

I’d class myself as an all rounder, I have very good musical knowledge back to the 50s, but equally, keep up to date with current chart and subscribe to daily downloads of current music. If I had to pick, my favourites come from the 90’s with Indie and dance, but I also love Soul and Motown…

Some DJs are now also offering to be your Master of Ceremonies, not to be confused with the red coated Toastmaster you may have seen at some weddings. A Master of Ceremonies is there to Direct, Inform and Guide your guests and preside over the ceremonies. More on that in a later post…

But as a minimum, he should be able to introduce you and your new husband for your 1st dance, but not like he’s announcing the wrestlers for a WWF bout!

So what is entertainment? Entertainment is something that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight.

OK, so how does the DJ do that? Well, at his fingertips are thousands of songs covering all sorts of styles and genres from several decades. His job is to select, from those “tools” the appropriate mix for your party. A bit like the cake maker selecting the right ingredients to make your wedding cake.

How’s he going to do that? Well, he needs to talk to you. You need to have a meeting where you sit down and explain what it is you would like for your wedding, what sort of music you like, what your family and guests like and how you want the evening to go.

You shouldn’t give him a huge lists of tracks and ask him to play them all (especially not in a set order!) that is the equivalent of giving the cake maker a recipe telling her how to make the cake! You need to get across what you’d like and trust him to provide that.

It’s useful to give him a limited selection of your real favourites and obviously, he needs to know what your 1st dance (and any other special dances) are to be. He also needs to know what you absolutely, never in a million years, want played at your wedding!

I accomplish these things by meeting you and having an online planner that allows you direct access to my music database, so you can pick your music. It allows for 20 must plays, 20 play if possibles, a category of play but only if requested, and as many as you like of do not plays.

Maybe you just want everyone to dance… Playing the YMCA quite often accomplishes that… but, do you want cheesy dance routines at your wedding?

So, what would you like?

You can contact me using any of the methods below to set an appointment to discuss ways to make your wedding you. A meeting really is essential to share ideas and talk through what it is that you’d like.

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