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A Little More About Me…

Oxfordshire Wedding Entertainment is based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, and is run by myself, DJ Stephen Davies. Last year I performed at 38 weddings ranging from all-day bookings, where I played music for the wedding ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast and evening disco party, through to simple evening-only bookings. A competent Master of Ceremonies, providing direction, information and guidance to your guests, I am recommended by leading Oxfordshire wedding venues in towns and cities such as Oxford, Abingdon, Witney, Banbury, Henley, Burford and the Cotswolds. If you are looking for your ideal wedding DJ in Oxford or any of the towns nearby, I will happily arrange a no-obligation meeting to introduce you to my services. This can be face-to-face or via a video call. At your meeting I will demonstrate through superb customer feedback how I can help make your wedding disco really quite special. I'll listen to your thoughts and ideas about how your wedding disco should be, sharing some of my own suggestions and experiences to consider. Previous wedding disco clients have really appreciated my trusted opinions, especially those who have never hired a DJ before. I am available to provide music and Master of Ceremonies services for the whole wedding day or just a part of it, as you require. Simply contact me today to schedule an appointment or for more details.

Wedding Hints and Tips

/Wedding Hints and Tips

Speeches or Toasts at a Wedding – A guide to help you

I’ve written this post to try and give a little bit of guidance to couples and any speech makers. Unfortunately, the speeches are often a source of great worry. Most people would, given the choice, rather fight off a lion than stand up in front of people and give a [...]

By | December 10th, 2014|Wedding Hints and Tips|0 Comments

Wedding Ushers and their duties

I’ve written this post to try and guide couples a bit on the duties of their Wedding Ushers on the wedding day. Think of the Ushers as the floor managers on the day, they’re in charge of crowd control to make sure everyone is where they are needed and expected [...]

By | November 13th, 2014|Wedding Hints and Tips|0 Comments

When should I book a DJ? (or any other wedding professional)

So, the question has been asked and you’ve accepted… Now what?  You’ll probably want to start by telling everyone you know and they’ll ask “So when’s the wedding?” Time to start planning…The order you do things in is going to reflect the order of priority that you place on things. [...]

By | October 25th, 2014|Wedding Hints and Tips|0 Comments

Pearls of Wisdom

An extract from the book "Wedding Day Secrets - Facts The Industry Would Prefer Brides Didn't Know" by Derek Pengelly. Maintaining the party atmosphere during the buffet can be both challenging and rewarding. I’ll share something with you called “Pearls of Wisdom”. The idea is to keep your guests entertained at a [...]

By | May 10th, 2014|Wedding Hints and Tips|0 Comments

Your First Dance…

An extract from the book "Wedding Day Secrets - Facts The Industry Would Prefer Brides Didn't Know" by Derek Pengelly. If you would like to receive the first two chapters of this book in PDF format so that you can view it on your computer, phone or tablet, then please let me [...]

By | April 18th, 2014|Wedding Hints and Tips|0 Comments

The Receiving Line

  So, will you have a receiving line at your wedding?... What's that I hear you ask, or, No way, we went to a wedding once and had to wait over an hour to sit down to eat... Well, a receiving line is a traditional and formal way to greet [...]

By | March 15th, 2014|Wedding Hints and Tips|0 Comments

So, why do we need to meet?

Well, let’s look at it another way… if you don’t meet with your DJ, you will get a generic, “cookie cutter” wedding. They’ll know nothing about your day and how you want your special day to be… how can they, they’ve never met you! I always meet, or at least [...]

By | February 25th, 2014|Wedding Hints and Tips|2 Comments

Music for your evening reception…

Guests having a great time! So, how do you choose the music for this? There is so much music available now that it’s hard to know where to start. One great way is to ask your guests to select a song each via your invites. Just ask them [...]

By | February 11th, 2014|Wedding Hints and Tips|0 Comments

Music for your whole day… Wedding Ceremony Music

So how do you go about choosing the music for your wedding day? Let’s start with the wedding ceremony music … The music playing in the background as your guests arrive into the room and as your husband to be waits, probably, anxiously for your arrival, should be for him. [...]

By | January 22nd, 2014|Wedding Hints and Tips|0 Comments

What goes into your wedding…

“£600 for a 4hr evening wedding booking!!, that can’t be right” Well, it depends... if your DJ is just turning up and “pressing play” then I could see how you’d look at it that way. But let’s take a look at the kind of time I’d be spending on your [...]

By | November 26th, 2013|Wedding Hints and Tips|0 Comments