A Bride’s interview with Stephen Davies, owner, DJ and Master of Ceremonies at Oxfordshire Wedding Entertainment…

Why do you do weddings?

I love the whole atmosphere of weddings! I consider it an honour and a privilege to work with you on this wonderful day. I really enjoy helping to create the type of atmosphere to suit your personal taste. It’s all about you, you are the “stars of the show” and I’m there to make sure that’s the case.

How many weddings do you do a year?

On average, around 25. Some full days, some just the evening receptions.

Do you have references from other brides?

I do. I ask my brides to post a testimonial on the Guides for Brides website. These are completely unedited and the brides own words.

We love your website, but what set’s you apart from DJ’s?

Lots of things! For a start, I don’t just turn up and press play. There’s lots that goes on before the big day. I like to meet with you both first so we can get to know each other a little bit and so I can share your vision for that special day. We can look at how to make your day even more special and a unique experience for you and your guests.

Peace of mind. You’ll have met me and you’ll know what I’m like. More importantly, I’ll know quite a bit about you, your taste, what you want to achieve and we’ll work together to achieve it.

Attention to detail. It can be the little things that make a big difference. From simple things, like using your names in the introduction to the first dance. It’s all about getting things right the first time. With a wedding, there isn’t a second chance.

More will become apparent once we meet.

What is your day job?

I’m a full time, professional DJ. This allows me to offer an exceptional level of service as well as the time to devote to your day.

Are you a member of any trade organisations?

I am a member of The National Association of DJs, an organisation to promote high standards where all members sign up to an agreement for their professionalism and ethics. I was also the first UK DJ to be awarded a Diamond award (their highest) by DJ Mark. Again, achieved by independent verification of excellence in customer service and conformity to, what should be, industry standards.

 Oxfordshire Wedding Entertainment's Diamond DJ Mark award

This all sounds wonderful, but maybe too expensive. Can we afford this?

Weddings are expensive. Bear in mind the time and money you already have committed to your reception and then the impact that the DJ has on how everything turns out. If you’ve chosen a lovely venue, with good food, your family and best friends, why risk spoiling it by booking a DJ based on price? How will you feel if your guests leave early because they are not enjoying your reception? But, to give you an idea, last year I did 25 weddings, ranging in price from £600 to £1,100. Some of these were all day weddings, others evening only bookings.

Who do you think you work best with?

Couples who understand the importance of value over price. Couples who recognize that it’s best to put the enjoyment, for a large part of the day, for themselves, and their guests, into the hands of a professional. Couples with a vision of how that day will be, what they will feel, what their guests will feel, how this will be achieved. Couples who are open to suggestions and advice on how to make their day that bit more special. Couples who will work with me to make their wedding “the best”.

Who is not going to benefit from your services?

Someone who is going to select their entertainment based solely on price without looking at value. You’re probably spending a lot of time and money on your wedding day and a large proportion of that day will be given over to the evening reception.  Do you really want someone you’ve never met before to have the responsibility to get it right? Do you want your wedding reception to be the same as a 30th birthday or Xmas party, or a Mc wedding? All DJs are NOT the same…

Do you take credit cards?

I do, via Paypal. I can also take payment via BACS (free bank transfer) or cheque.

My venue needs to see your public liability insurance and PAT certificates. What are these?

Public Liability Insurance (PLI) is insurance that covers any third party liability to pay compensation in respect of accidental bodily injury or accidental damage to a third party property. PAT (Portable Appliance Test) are the routine tests for electrical equipment (a bit like your cars MOT).

I supply copies of these directly to your venue if required. You will be copied in on the email so you can be sure it has been done.

Will you be the DJ on the day?

I will. It’ll also be me you meet with at the consultations and who deals with any of your queries.

Can we choose the music?

Of course you can! I’m only too pleased to consult with you on a play list to help involve your guests as much as possible in your big day. I have online planning software to make this even easier


We really like the look of our venue, and we don’t want it to be “overpowered” with a “mobile night club” type disco. What’s your set up like?

I use a discreet, neat and tidy booth that can be fitted with a variety of cloths (Ivory, Black or Black with twinkling Starlights) to help it to blend with the room. I use a Bose sound system that is simply stunning in its looks and sound quality. For lighting either one or two tripods with professional quality lighting. I can also set up uplighting around the booth in a colour to complement your wedding colour scheme. Please have a look at the gallery page on my website for examples of previous set-ups at weddings.

This sounds like everything we’re looking for! What do we do next?

Email or call me to schedule a “get acquainted” complimentary consultation. I want to hear about your needs and to see if we’re a good match and to see what package suits your needs and budget the best. I will try to answer all of your questions at the consultation and if I’m not sure of something, I’ll get back to you ASAP with the answer.

If following this, you’d then like to book me, I’ll send out two copies of the booking contract for you to read and sign. You then need to send them back to me, along with a payment of 25% of the total fee, by way of a booking fee. Once these have been received your booking will be confirmed by return of a countersigned copy of the booking agreement.

I’m then available via email, phone or video chat to finalise details right up to your day.