Oxfordshire Wedding Entertainment set up for a wedding ceremony at Lains Barn

Good question!

Let’s paint the picture… it’s your big day and everyone is seated. They’re all there… waiting for you. You’re on your dad’s arm as he escorts you, with enormous pride, into the room, the doors fling open… and one of the hotels junior staff is fumbling with a small cd player producing a horrible tinny sound…. Not what you’d expected? Have you asked the venue about music?

A DJ, with experience of preparing music for ceremonies, will be able to discuss and advise you on music for your ceremony. Maybe you need a piece of music to start at a particular point, after all, most songs have some sort of lead in or intro and you may already be at the alter before it get’s going.

Prior to your entrance, is a good time to play “settling” music for the groom, best man and your families and friends to listen too. Something calming, relaxing, romantic. It doesn’t have to be classical music, it can be what you’d like (with some restrictions on religious content), something that means something to you, your partner, your family.

Later in the ceremony, you have more choices when it comes to signing of the register. You need about 3 pieces for this, as once you’ve signed for real, you’ll often be asked to then pose for photos which can take a little while. Again, a chance to stamp your personalities on the occasion.

Then you have the final piece as you go back down the aisle as husband and wife, how about something, triumphant or fun? Then it’s onto the drinks reception, but that’s another time…

Music is such an evocative thing and can be used to great effect in setting a “mood” for various aspects of your day. Don’t leave it to a nervous usher, I’ve heard several stories where they have been so nervous they’ve accidentally selected the wrong track as the bride has entered…

Oxfordshire Wedding Entertainment offers a very discreet set up and top quality sound system. A DJ dressed in a “Tuxedo” and the expertise to enhance your wedding ceremony. Leave it to the experts…


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