So, will you have a receiving line at your wedding?… What’s that I hear you ask, or, No way, we went to a wedding once and had to wait over an hour to sit down to eat…

Well, a receiving line is a traditional and formal way to greet your guest. Let’s face it, everybody at your wedding has come to see you, to share in your celebration and happiness.  Wouldn’t it be mean to not at least say hello?

OK, granted, some receiving lines are done really badly. If you’re just lined up, with no briefing of what’s expected and the guests troop through, then yes, you’re probably going to have problems.

Imagine the scene… There’s you and your new husband, your parents, his parents, the best man and your 3 bridesmaids. You have 100 guests and your mum insists on “chatting”  to all of them! Each ones gets 30 secs of her attention. That’s 50 mins to go through the line and that’s just your mum “greeting”!

My advice, let’s just have the two of you as the receiving line, after all, you are the “stars” of the day! Everyone is lined up and you just say “hello, thanks for coming” to each guests (all you really need to say) say, 5 seconds each… we’re now done in under 10 minutes. OK, you’ll probably want to say a few more words to some guests, but even so, we should be done in under 20 minutes.

Let’s have the seating plan available just before the guests get to you, that way they can look to see where they’re seated as they wait. I’ll be there to to keep things moving and organised.

If you’ve got less guests, then we can look at adding parents to the line too.

That’s it! Easy and you can truthfully say you spoke to every guests at your wedding.

The next step is your Grand Entrance… but i’ll save that for another Blog.

Have a great week and happy planning.

Best wishes


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