Coins in a Glass JarWeddings are expensive… and you need some kind of figure or else the expenses will quickly get out of hand. I understand that.

But, how do you come up with a figure for the DJ? Is it what’s left after the venue, the dress the photographer, the flowers etc…? Is it how much your friend paid for her DJ when she got married? Is it a figure in a brides magazine article? Or maybe you rang round some DJ’s and are going on the average?

DJ prices vary hugely and so they should. They are all unique individuals. If you wanted “just music” then you’d plan to use you iPod and hook it up to the venue’s sound system. What you need to know is their value.

If you go down the scenario of getting a few quotes and establish an average price, you’ll get just that, an “average” disco. But, is that what you really want? Average! On your special day! The day that’s going to be the biggest, most expensive party you’ll probably ever have… Average! Really?

Set an appointment and meet prospective DJs. You almost certainly met the venue people, the photographer and florist. The DJ is most likely going to account for at least a 1/3rd of your special day. It’s really important you pick the right one. He (or she) needs to be a good match for you. A £150 “bargain” DJ isn’t so much of a “bargain” when he turns up and plays what he likes and is rude to your guests so they leave is he? Talk to him, explain what you expect, what you’d like, what you don’t like… give him the chance to offer up ideas. Work together to make your day even more special… He can do that, if he’s the right DJ for you.

Oh, and just in case you were thinking “it’s OK, we’re getting a cheap DJ and giving him a play list of our music and he has to play that, so it’ll be OK”. Really? What about your families’ taste in music, your guests, do you know enough of what they like? Isn’t it a celebration party for everyone? Just think for a moment… if you went to a friends wedding and went up to the DJ to ask “can you play my song” only to be told, no, the bride has a strict playlist, wouldn’t you feel a bit offended? Might you leave early if the music wasn’t to your taste?

A quick comparison… If you have chair covers* for your wedding and 150 guest. Let’s say those chair covers are £3 each. That’s £450 on chair covers for people to sit on… isn’t the DJ worth at least this? After all, his job is to get your guests up, off of those chair covers and dancing…


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*nothing against chair covers! But just an example 😮