Earlier in the year, I provided my all day service for Lorna and Hal’s wedding at the Oxford Union. This was one of the nicest weddings that I have had the privilege of working at.

So what made it such a lovely wedding? Involvement… Lorna, Hal and myself had met a couple of times before the wedding and discussed what they were looking for and came up with some ideas to make their guests really feel a part of their special day.

They’d chosen the Oxford Union as Lorna has a great love of books and really wanted to get married in a library, so the ground floor library at the Oxford Union met that criteria. She also loved art, especially pre-Raphaelite art.

Oxford Union Ceremony

When I arrived to set up in the library a couple of her friends were busy adding their “bit”. They’d gone out and found a flower seller, bought a bucket of daffodils and were busily tying bunches onto the ends of the pews. This really brightened up the room and looked great.

The ceremony itself was carried out by the mother of one of Lorna’s school friends, so she knew Lorna quite well and it was a beautiful ceremony that was made really personal. Including, at the end, exchanging vows in Norse as Hal was from Norway. Music throughout the ceremony was traditional Norwegian classical songs.

After the ceremony, the drinks reception was held in the room directly above, where I’d set up my small Bose to play background music from the 80s. Whilst this was going on, Lorna had arranged for her guests to be given guided tours of the old library and the Pre-Raphaelite artwork there. I was busily setting up in the debating room ready for the wedding breakfast.

Oxford Union debating chamber set up for a wedding breakfast

The wedding breakfast was held across the courtyard in the debating chamber. The guests were all guided to their tables and then Lorna and Hal were announced into the room to huge applause. Unusually, Lorna and Hal had arranged for me to sit at one of their guests’ tables to have dinner with them. This is a rare thing to happen, but was much appreciated and I spent the wedding breakfast with some of their lovely guests who really made me feel welcome. (I also did a fair bit of going back and forth to my console etc. for various announcements and to adjust the music.)

During the wedding breakfast, Hal became “Quiz Master” with a quiz that he and Lorna had put together on various subjects, with quite a few questions related to Norway. This was great as it really engaged the guests and got quite competitive at times with lots of, sometimes, boisterous fun.

Once the wedding breakfast was over, the guests retired to the bar, on the other side of the courtyard, whilst the tables were cleared and I set up the lighting for the evening.

Oxford Union ready for dancingOxford Union 1st dance







Then the evening began with the 1st dance, Pulp – Something Changed.

A little while later, Inizia, Lorna’s son, Jacob’s band, played a set back over in the room where the drinks reception had been.

All too soon it was midnight and the end of the day.

This is the review Lorna left on Google for me after the wedding…

Stephen provided the music for our whole wedding – from ceremony to evening disco. Prior to the wedding we had meetings to discuss our plans and Stephen’s advice was welcome and invaluable. As soon as we met him, we knew he was ‘The One’! His enthusiasm was contagious – we could have talked about music for hours! Knowing that Stephen would be in charge of our whole day meant that we had nothing at all to worry about. Music was played as our guests waited for me to arrive, and then my chosen entrance music was perfectly timed. The music at the drinks reception was subtle and unobtrusive and provided a relaxed background for our guests. Stephen also acted as Master of Ceremonies, and announced our arrival at the wedding breakfast and later for our first dance. He provided microphones for our speeches (and gave helpful advice on how to successfully use them!). The evening disco was great fun; wonderful music and beautiful lighting. I was exhausted but danced until the very end. I would thoroughly recommend Stephen’s services for your wedding – he is passionate and incredibly knowledgable about what he does. His communication is also fantastic which is a relief to anyone planning a wedding. I can honestly say that he was worth every penny – thank you Stephen!

If you’d like to talk to me about your wedding at The Oxford Union, or any other venue in Oxfordshire, then please get in touch and let’s set up an appointment to discuss your plans.

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