Oxfordshire Wedding Entertainment DJ and Mobile Disco set up for a wedding breakfast20th April 2013 – It was off to Phyllis Court Club again, this time to the ballroom for Elizabeth and Eric’s wedding. We had some very special moments at this wedding, details below…

I was booked to play music through the wedding breakfast and then on for the evening party. Elizabeth & Eric live in New York and we’d previously had a couple of Skype Video chats and a meeting in Oxford to go over what they were looking for for their wedding. They’d also made good use of the online planner to pick some great music.

Oxfordshire Wedding Entertainment DJ and mobile disco set up ready for the evening disco

First dance was to “This Years Love – Boyce Avenue” and was followed by a second slow dance for all of the guests to join the newlyweds.

First dance

After that, as Eric has a Jewish background, we had a Horah (chair dance) with Elizabeth and Eric hoisted up sitting on chairs by some strong men and the rest of the guests, joining hands, forming circles round the couple and circling in a fast motion. Made for some great video and photos!

"Horah" or chair dance. A Jewish traditional wedding dance

Music was mainly R&B, Hip Hop and Rock (creating some “air guitar” moments!) with some “classics” added in for good measure.

Part way through I’d spotted Elizabeth’s dad on the dancefloor. Elizabeth had asked for a Father/Daughter dance, but earlier on the time just wasn’t right. So, the track was faded out and Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder was faded in with an announcement that now was the time for this special dance, the floor cleared and the guest made a circle around Elizabeth and her dad, clapping and singing along. It was lovely!

Father/Daughter dance

Eric, not wanting to miss an opportunity, spotted Elizabeth’s mum and asked her to join him on the dance floor

End of the night could only be one track… New York, New York – Frank Sinatra.

A great night with lot’s of singing and dancing.

Oxfordshire Wedding Entertainment. Guests singing and dancing


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