Of course they are not! Well, they are on the basis that they all play music, but it’s how they do it. It’s a bit like saying all wedding dresses are the same…


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Do you remember Ray Von from Phoenix Nights… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcpYvlpBfUw&feature=player_detailpage imagine if this were your wedding…

We’ve all been to parties that have been flat. Very few if anyone danced, it was the wrong music, it was too loud, people got bored and left early. You don’t want that to happen at your wedding! You need to talk to the DJ. Together, you need to plan what you want, what you expect and how that’s going to be achieved. Good parties are planned, they don’t, normally, just happen.

You’ll have a good idea of what sort of music you like, but what about your friends, your family, your other half’s family? It’s also good to discuss what you don’t like. You may or may not want the DJ to take requests on the night. The main thing is you need to trust that your DJ knows what he/she is doing and that they understand what you want. But that doesn’t mean you should insist on having say, a full on club night, because that’s what you like! It’s quite unlikely that your family guests will appreciate it! But you could have a club 1/2hr or hour towards the end, when your friends are likely to be the majority of guests… or, how about an after party?.. You have an earlier, traditional finish say about 10:30 so that all of your family feel it’s the end and can then go off happy that they’ve seen everything. Then the last hour or hour and half is a full on club session aimed squarely at you and your friends?

It’s best to imagine yourself as a guests at your wedding reception rather than the bride (I know it’s hard!) but that way you’ll be ensuring your guests are going to have a great time.

Please see my earlier Blog post “Advice on choosing a DJ” (http://oxfordshireweddingdj.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/advice-on-choosing-a-dj/) to give you an idea of some of the things to really think about.

Remember, you need to do your research, read reviews, meet the DJ, get a written contract and pay a deposit to maximise your chances of a great end to your fabulous day.

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